Amish Farms All Purpose Soap

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This amazing product works wonders for all soap applications. Made with natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals this product does not dry out your skin and hair. Works in all high efficiency dishwashers or washing machines. Use this versatile product in the house, garage,
RVs or campers. Use it in your mechanic or welding shop for those dirty greasy hands. Keep it in your barn for your pets and livestock. This product literally works great for any and every soap use. It doesn't matter if this product freezes or gets hot. This product has no expiration date. Perfect for your emergency disaster kit. We guarantee once you use this product you'll never buy any other soap product again.

For the last 15 years Amish Farms has received thousands of wonderful emails from our customers saying how much they love our bar soap, with a majority of them saying they use it for all purposes... laundry, shampoo, dishes, even their pets. So we developed this unique product for our happy customers.

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